Rent a Travel Van for Your Trips!

rent travel van

Considering a trip or vacation? Renting a travel van comes highly recommended, especially as summer winds down and last-minute road trips and getaways are on people’s minds. While the spontaneity of planning a trip can be enjoyable, certain aspects, such as finding travel destinations, accommodations, and interesting sights, require thoughtful consideration.

Choosing the right vehicle and deciding on co-drivers can add another layer of complexity. Long-distance travel inevitably takes a toll on your personal vehicle, with the accumulation of kilometers and increased maintenance demands.

Opting to hire a van emerges as a fantastic alternative, sparing your own vehicle from wear and tear and allowing you to embark on your journey without the concerns of vehicle maintenance. Why stress over taking out your car keys when the perfect van awaits you?

Preserving Your Car

Like it or not, travel causes wear and tear to your vehicle. Although the wear and tear isn’t always noticeable, over time it can be a problem. Your tires, engine, and other moving parts will suffer a bit every mile you drive. According to the It Still Runs, some vehicles can experience $0.34 of damage per mile. While it seems small, this number only grows! If you are on a 1,000-mile road trip, that is $340 of wear and tear. In addition, to wear and tear, your miles will begin to pile up as well. If you want to keep the miles low on your car, renting is a better option.

Your Vehicle is Not Reliable

If your vehicle has seen better days, it should probably stay in the garage. Maybe you got into a car accident or it’s just old. Regardless, you should never drive a vehicle that is not 100% ready for travel. If you’re taking a long trip or will be driving a lot of miles or in sparsely populated areas (like across the Mackinaw Bridge and into the U. P. ),  driving a damaged or defective car can put you and others at risk.

Need a Bigger Ride?

Chrysler Pacifica bigger and safer than car

While having your own car is undoubtedly convenient, it may not always be the optimal choice. Each vehicle comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages. Many cars often come with limited storage and passenger space, potentially requiring the use of multiple vehicles.

In contrast, a travel van offers a myriad of storage options and ample room for additional passengers. Whether you’re carrying wakeboards for a day at the lake or extra gear for your journey, a travel van is well-equipped to accommodate your needs.

Consider the winter season—transporting all your snowboarding and skiing equipment to Boyne Mountain becomes a breeze with the spacious and versatile interior of a travel van. Opting for a travel van ensures a seamless and efficient solution for all your transportation requirements.

Many Travel Van Options

If you are looking to rent a van, then you should contact Michigan Van Rental. Our company provides a variety of vans to fit the needs of our clients. Some of the models we carry include:

In addition to an exceptional line-up of vans, our company offers pick-up and drop-off airport services so you don’t have to wait in car rental lines! Get your van today!

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