Rental Terms

Thank you for choosing Michigan Car & Van Rental! Please read the following vehicle rental terms & conditions.

Rental Requirements & Information

What you will need on the day you pick up your vehicle:

  1. Rental RequirementsYour Current Driver’s License
  2. Proof of Full Coverage Insurance (or we offer insurance, contact us for pricing)
  3. Method of payment

Non-Credit Card Customers
Non-credit card customers MUST pay for rental plus an additional $1000 and up depending on your requirements as a Security deposit. Security Deposit is refundable upon return. We only accept debit cards that are linked to a bank checking account. We do not accept pre-paid debit cards.

Daily Rates
All Daily rates are subject to change during the year.  The customer is responsible for insurance deductibles under CDW and only covers the vehicle.

Renters Insurance
We honor most insurance rates and will bill your insurance company on your behalf in case of an accident. The customer is responsible for the deductible and it only covers the vehicle and nothing else. Do Note: Renters Insurance does cover towing and storage fees. Also, we accept credit card insurance and a Damage Waiver.

One Pass will pay tolls and charges of $8.95 for 24 hours, customers will pay Michigan Car & Van Rental.

Weekend Rentals
Michigan Car and Van Rental are closed on Sundays and Holidays. Weekend rentals will include Sundays and Holidays.

No Insurance
Customers with no insurance must pay rental plus an additional deposit depending on the vehicle. The customer is responsible for deductible under CDW and only covers the vehicle and nothing else.

We’ll Pick You Up

Give us a call today at 586-755-9290 to rent a vehicle from us.

If you need to be picked up or have any questions, please call our offices during normal business hours.

Finally, we appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you soon!