Ford Transit and Chevy Transit Vans For Rent

15 Passenger Sprinter Van

At Michigan Car and Van Rental, we have a large variety of vans to choose from. One of our most popular vans is the Ford Transit vans.  From 12 to 15 passenger van rentals are available. Also, these vans are ideal for vacation and other types of trips. Hopefully, soon everything will be back to normal, and when that happens make sure you secure transportation for your outing. With the space inside our transit vans, you are comfortable and can easily maintain social distancing!

Chevy Transit If Not A Ford Transit

If you are a member of the critical essential workforce, you may need a large van for supplies and other needed necessities. Conversion and cargo vans have many benefits over other types of vehicles. While a work truck can be good, most of the time all your tools and materials are left out in the open. A large cargo van you can lock so no one can access your materials and tools. Also, they make it easier to store and organize your tools.

Whether you are a carpenter, plumber, or electrician a good cargo van can make your job easier. Our durable Chevy cargo vans are available for rent today. In addition to professionals, weekend warriors looking to do some home improvement can make their life easier by renting a van. These vans are also popular with out of towners coming in to do jobs!

Our Ford or Chevy vans are available to use all over Metro Detroit. You can pick up your van in Warren and use it in Livonia, Canton, or anywhere you need to. Give us a call today at 586-755-9290 or fill out our easy reservation form. Finally, in these trying times, we here at Michigan Car and Van Rental, hope you and your family remain safe and healthy.